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Posted By Andy


We are a client-centered and Christian community of health professionals inviting others to explore and develop the courage, insight and wisdom needed to live a spiritually, physically and emotionally fulfilled life. Welcoming people of all beliefs and faiths, our therapists help each person reach their desired goals and potential.


We will provide the best care to every client through an integrative network of clinical practice, education, and research. We will be recognized as the Leading Integrative Network and Christian Behavioral Health Care in our community.

Whether you, or someone you are concerned about, are facing serious behavioral health problems, less critical, or unresolved issues that are part of everyday living, LifeWay’s staff can help you celebrate and enjoy the abundance of life for which you were created.

Gentle Understanding. Competent, Innovative Options

Because LifeWay’s philosophy is grounded in a belief in the special value of each human life, we offer effective programs to challenge and to develop emotional, psychological and spiritual growth. When we experience this kind of total health and sense  of well-being, we are truly able to celebrate and to enjoy life in all its abundance.