Sheltering in place with confidence is possible.

Caring for yourself and others is at your fingertips.
Anywhere you are.

Care Anywhere

Enjoy convenient and secure video sessions with your therapist on your phone, tablet, or computer.
- Relieve the loneliness of isolation mandated by social distancing.
- Connect regularly with your trusted source of counsel and guidance...

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Our Staff

LifeWayʼs professionals include, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, counselors, clergy, and social workers. Our staff has treated over 25,000 individuals and have decades of personal, trained experience...

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LifeWay's staff are in network providers for all major healthcare networks and offer affordable out-of-pocket fees for services...


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Professional Counseling Incorporating the Spiritual Dimension of Living

Security and Respect for the Individual

All LifeWay services are provided in a confidential manner, respectful to the concerns and privacy of the individual. Life Way's clients discover a sense of security in the comforting relationships they establish with the professionals who take the time to listen and to assist their personal growth, development and recovery. This bond ensures that each treatment program is highly personalized and designed to meet individual needs and goals. Such specialized attention, concern and respect for the uniqueness of the individual are central to LifeWay's professional philosophy of healthy living.

Strengthening Relationships

At LifeWay, we believe total health and happiness grow out of fulfilling, interpersonal relationships. Our programs are skillfully designed to help you establish, restore and/or improve your interpersonal and family relationships.

Whether you, or someone you are concerned about, are facing serious behavioral health problems or less critical, but nonetheless alarming, unresolved issues that are part of everyday living, LifeWay's staff can help you celebrate and enjoy the abundance of life for which you were created.