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Care Anywhere

Care Anywhere

Posted By Andy

Face-to-face therapy. Wherever you are.

You can now enjoy convenient and secure video sessions with your therapist on your phone, tablet, or computer. Reach your goals and work through some of life’s toughest problems while staying connected with a quality care professional.

  • Break through social isolation and connect to a trusted source of guidance
  • Relieve your pandemic stress and regain your control
  • Take full advantage of your insurance in times of financial insecurity

Getting Started is Easy:

1. Schedule an Appointment​

2. Click the link in your email to install Zoom

3. Enjoy Face-to-Face Remote Care

Are you a new or returning client? if so:  Schedule an Appointment

Currently a client? Ask your therapist, or call
(513) 769-4600

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work?

We use a HIPAA-approved and reliable online communication platform, Zoom. It is as simple and available as other video chat applications, like FaceTime and Skype. It can be used on any mobile device, PC, and Mac.

Your therapist will send you an email, click on the link provided in the email and the Zoom program will be installed on your device. When it’s time for your appointment, simply click on the link in the email and you will be connected automatically.

Can I use my insurance?

Most of our providers are ‘in-network’ with many insurance companies, almost all of whom currently cover remote sessions. Contact your insurance company to see if you are eligible for added benefits like no copays. We also offer competitive out-of-pocket fees for this service.

Is it secure? How is my privacy protected?

Yes, we use a HIPAA approved platform that utilizes multi-layer, end-to-end encryption that never stores personal information.