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Client Solutions Counselor

LifeWay Counseling Centers Client Solutions Counselor

Client Solutions Counselor

Posted By Andy

Position: Client Solutions Counselor


Overview & Responsibilities:

As a LifeWay Client Solutions Counselor, you will play an active role in all aspects of client wellbeing. You will be the integral link between yourself and all of the service solutions offered through LifeWay. This will include:

  1. First time client phone and web contact, scheduling,
  2. Conducting initial in-person client interviews and wellbeing assessments to determine client wellbeing goals and desired outcomes,
  3. Coordinating & scheduling outcome driven, services that inspire and achieve their outcomes, and,
  4. Providing routine, timely follow-up with clients to ensure high satisfaction with achieving their outcomes.


  1. Genuine desire to help clients achieve wellbeing.
  2. High emotional intelligence (EQ includes Listening, Empathy, Warmth, Respect, Authenticity) and communication skills that readily builds relationships.
  3. Ability to use their EQ skills to integrate whole person connections – mind, body, spirit.

Strength based not deficient based orientation (willing to learn and use Gallup StrengthsFinder tools).

  1. Ability to speak and communicate EQ health care concepts (psychological, sociological, relational, family dynamics, cultural, & spiritual) effectively to individuals and to groups.
  2. In touch with own spirituality and comfortably communicate with those of a different spiritual orientation.
  3. Ability to understand personal temperament (MBTI, DISC etc.), and how to effectively adapt communications style to those who have a different temperament.
  4. Strong clinical assessment skills.
  5. Ability to provide phone, scheduling & care remotely (private home office, if needed), via video-conference/telephony.


Counseling, Social Work or Nursing licensure preferred.

Life Coaching training or certification (helpful but not required).

Full Time position, ability to work 2 evenings per week required.

Follow the link below to download the application. Email completed document, resume, and all other appropriate materials to employment@lifewaycenters.com.

Application Here