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LifeWay Counseling Centers

LifeWay Counseling Centers LifeWay Counseling Centers

LifeWay Counseling Centers

Posted By Andy


Committed to Helping You and Those You Hold Dear
At LifeWay Counseling Centers we are passionate about healing. We believe that mind, body, and spirit are connected and therefore treat the whole person. The book of Romans says; “Be transformed by the renewing of our mind”. Our mind determines how we feel and how we behave. Because of this we believe that self-awareness is vitally important.

Security and Respect for the Individual
All LifeWay services are provided in a confidential manner, respectful to the concerns and privacy of the individual. Our clients discover a sense of security and comfort in the relationships they establish with the professionals who take the time to listen and to assist their personal growth, development and recovery. This bond ensures that each treatment program is highly personalized and designed to meet individual needs and goals.
We utilize sound clinical practice and expertise to address each person’s problems in a respectful and compassionate manner. Such specialized attention, concern and respect for the uniqueness of the individual are central to Lifeway’s professional philosophy of healthy living.

Strengthening Relationships
We believe total health and happiness grow out of fulfilling, interpersonal relationships. Our programs are skillfully designed to help you establish or restore and improve your interpersonal and family relationships. Regardless of the severity of your behavioral health issues, LifeWay’s professionals can help you celebrate and enjoy the abundance of life for which you were created.