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Reach out with love: How to care for your neighbor.

LifeWay Counseling Centers Resources Reach out with love: How to care for your neighbor.

Reach out with love: How to care for your neighbor.

Posted By Andy

LifeWay Counseling Centers hopes to provide you and your family with stability, hope, and guidance. It is up to us to keep our sense of community. In these times, more than ever, we are called to extend our love and care to our neighbors.

For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

– Galatians 5:14

Reach out with love: how to care for your neighbor.

Care Without Touch

Keeping a safe physical distance doesn't mean we have to keep a spiritual distance. In these times, we can still connect with empathy, listen, laugh, share stories, teach, learn, and comfort each other in new ways.

Keep in Touch

Offer your phone number to others in your neighborhood who may need an extra hand in the coming weeks. Help them contact any family members or doctors they need to speak with. Call them to catch up regularly.

Simply Ask

Many people don't feel comfortable asking for help, even in times of need. Take the first step and ask your neighbors, "How can I help?" Offer any services you can, or simply be a contact for a tough time.

Small, But Mighty Gestures

Do simple, practical jobs for those in your neighborhood who cannot leave their homes. Pick up groceries, medications, or books. Drop off a simple treat like baked goods or cook them a healthy meal. You can let them know you'll leave the items on their porch to keep your distance and keep them safe while still serving.

Teach Your Talents

Are you a movie buff? Send out a list to the neighborhood of the best classic movies. Prefer reading? Start a virtual neighborhood book club. Share easy recipes, teach a craft online, or teach others about your area of expertise or talent. Technology is our friend in these circumstances, so make good use of your neighbohood Facebook group, Facetime, Skype, and other digital connection services.

Check In and Be Aware

Are you aware of who is at risk in your neighborhood? Spend extra care to check in with those with illnesses, who live alone, or who may be struggling financially during this time. If you have a family member or friend in a nursing home, create a contact plan. Schedule times of day that different people will call to check in over Facetime or Skype.