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Parents: How to keep the calm at home.

LifeWay Counseling Centers Resources Parents: How to keep the calm at home.

Parents: How to keep the calm at home.

Posted By Andy

In light of the recent turbulence and caused by COVID-19, the Life Way Counseling Center hopes to provide you and your family with stability, hope, and guidance.

Family is as important now as ever. As adults, we have the power to protect our families and community. The parents’ role is to prepare and lead our children through the future with patience, understanding, and love.

“God is our refuge and strength, a helper who is always found in times of trouble.”

– Psalm 46:1

How to Keep the Calm at Home:

1. Ask and Listen

When it feels like a good time to talk about the situation, sit down to ask your child what they are experiencing. What do they know about what's going on? How are they feeling? Listen carefully and respond calmly to their worries. Remind them they need not worry and the parents are there, as usual, to keep everyone safe and healthy.

2. Stick to Routine

Children are comforted by routine, so maintain a simple schedule at home that mimics their life at school. Check with your child's teacher about lesson plans and online learning and keep a daily to-do list (playtime, reading, study, chores, exercise, etc.) posted on the refrigerator so they have a plan.

3. Use Online Resources

We are lucky to be able to learn so much online. Ask your child's teacher for recommendations on online learning resources or see if they might be available for a Facetime check-up with your child to stay connected. Reach out to Sunday School teachers as well. If you know parents who homeschool, they can be an excellent guide if you need other ideas.

4. Spread Positivity

From social media to how we speak at the dinner table, our words have power. Even young children can pick up on this negativity. Avoid the doom and gloom of social media or too much news exposure and use your power to spread positivity and hope. Teach your children to reframe and lead by example. For instance, when discussing cancelled events or games, remind your children that this is a special situation that will keep others safe. We are creative and can have fun in lots of other ways.

5. Keep it Simple

This is a confusing time for everyone, especially our children. Rather than bombard them with too much information, keep your explanations simple. Tell them that we will be extra careful about washing our hands, a habit we practice anyway. Use humor to remind children that people wearing masks aren't scary robbers - they're protecting themselves and others just like doctors and nurses. Reassure them that thankfully children are staying healthy and there's very little chance they will get sick.

6. Get Creative

Don't we all wish we had more time to do fun activites as a family? Now is the time to put our worries away and enjoy the gift of time together. Call in the kids for a family brainstorming session. What are all the things they can think of to do at home? What would they like to learn? What games could they play? What could they make? How could they help the neighbors safely? Be sure to include rest and relaxation. Children are likely to need a little extra cuddling and soothing reassurance in this anxious time.