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Posted By Hari Ambati

The LifeWay Consultation

  • Over the years our clients have told us that finding the ‘right counselor’ for them has been one of their most difficult jobs, many times not having a good fit for their needs and leading to high dissatisfaction.
  • At LifeWay Counseling we want to make certain you have a great counseling experience that beings with matching your need with the counselor on our staff who best fits those needs.
  • Our LifeWay Consultation specialist gets to know you, takes time to understand your goal and expected outcomes, answers any and all questions or concerns related to counseling (every person has any questions), makes certain your availability connects easily with your therapist, and becomes your personal contact throughtout the counseling process.
  • If the child is under 16, we would first like to learn about the situation from the parent or caretaker/caregiver/guardian.
  • No problem. Simply reach out to our front office staff, or your LifeWay Counsultation Specialist about your throughts, and we will work together to find a new and proper fit.
  • All of our providers are board-certified Counselors, Social workers, Marriage and Family therapists, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists.
  • Each speciality is equipped to handle many common levels of care, but each have their own specialty. This can include experience working collaboratively with families and couples, administering psychological tests and assessments, or prescribing medication.
  • We want to remove the headache of finding the right counselor, emotional, or mental health provider. That is why we offer the LifeWay Consultation where we will assess your appropriate level of care and assign you to the right professional.
  • Clients have told us that they feel a ‘jump-start’ and more relaxed and confident when first meeting their counselor to begin the counseling process after spending time with the LifeWay Cosultation Specialist.
  • Our specialist also uses the time to introduce you to the LifeWay Emotional Health & Well-Being Inventory so you can set goals for your well-being journey.
  • Your insurance benefits can only be utilized by medically necessary services. The LifeWay Consultation is not a medically necessary service. However, our clients have told us how much they valued the LifeWay Consultation because it totally erased any anxieties they were having about getting the right counselor for them.
  • No. Insurance companies do not view marriage and premarital counseling as a medically necessary service and therefor do not reimburse for these types of counseling. We, however, believe that services are vital towards relational and emotional well being, and offer competitive out-of-pocket rates for these services.