Posted By Hari Ambati

Intake/Consultation Q’s:

Why can’t I use my insurance for the consultation?

Your insurance benefits can only be utilized by medically necessary services. This includes meeting with a counselor for ongoing therapy. Often times, your benefits only cover a certain number of sessions, and time with your counselor is precious, so we meet once to get to know more about you, your situation, and find the counselor that will be the right fit. We also use the time to set goals for your well-being journey, and provide a touchpoint if you ever want to change counselors.

Why do I leave my kid at home if they are under 16? For the consultation

If the child is under 16, we would first like to learn about the situation from the parent or caretaker.

What is the consultation and why do I need it? (Can’t you just match me up with someone?)

We can directly assign you to someone based off of insurance eligibility, but many factors play into finding the counselor that is a best fit for you and your situation. These include: Insurance availability, relational chemistry, and proper area of expertise.

Will my insurance cover marriage and premarital counseling?

No. Insurance companies do not view marriage and premarital counseling as a medically necessary service and therefor do not reimburse for these types of counseling. We, however believe that these services are vital towards relational and emotional wellbeing, and offer competitive out-of-pocket rates for these services

How often will I meet with the counselor?

How long are the sessions (both the consultation and ongoing sessions)?

Our consultation appointment is 60 minutes. Your ongoing sessions will range from 45 to 60 minutes, or longer if the counselor deems appropriate

What if I start meeting with a counselor and feel like we aren’t a good fit?

No problem. Simply reach out to our front office staff, or your consultation therapist about your thoughts, and we will work together to find a new and proper fit.

What type of training do your counselors have and what does it all mean?

All of our providers are board-certified Counselors, Social workers, Marriage and Family therapists, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists. Each specialty is equipped to handle many common levels of care, but each have their own specialty. This can include experience working collaboratively with families and couples, administering psychological tests and assessments, or prescribing medication. We want to remove the headache of finding the right counselor, emotional, or mental health provider. That is why we offer a consultation where we will assess your appropriate level of care and assign you to the right professional

Front Office Q’s:

What is my policy id? Where do I find that on the card? What information do you need?

Where are you located?

Our main office is located within a business complex called Perspectivas Park, in Blue Ash. We also provide remote services through our Lifeway Anywhere Platform or appointments in our satellite locations with specific counselors.

Do you take my insurance?

Yes, we accept most major insurance providers for appropriate services.


Client wants to share too much of their situation on the telephone.


I understand that is important, what I need from you is information to set up the appointment. You will have a time to communicate that in the consultation